Collection: Music Hearing Protection for Kids


Kids love to dance to their own beat - let them enjoy all your favorite musical activities - SAFELY!

At a music lesson, in class, or at home children love to make music. And as any parent knows, what starts out as a few bangs and toots ends up getting progressively louder, so that Mom and Dad can also hear it. Great fun of course, but excessively loud music can mean long-term damage to the hearing for your child and naturally you want to avoid this.

During concerts and at music festivals it is also very important to protect your children properly against harmful and damaging noise. Children’s ears are much more sensitive than adult ears and they have a tough time explaining if music is too loud.

Making and listening to music are family activities that help you bond with your child and share precious time together as a family. With BANZ® kids earmuffs and baby earmuffs and headphones, your children’s ears will be properly protected from harmful noises. The hearing protection filters away the harmful sounds while allowing them to enjoy it at a safer volume.

While BANZ® baby ear protection can't help drown out the noise of their recorder practice for you, you can at least feel better that they are protected and setting up safe habits for life!