Shelter, Shade & Safety: Fundraising with Banz Outdoor Essentials

Shelter, Shade & Safety: Fundraising with BANZ® Outdoor Essentials

Overview: "Shelter, Shade & Safety" is a comprehensive fundraising program designed to support schools and teams by partnering with BANZ®, a renowned provider of outdoor essentials including umbrellas, picnic gear, hearing protection, and sun protection items. Through this initiative, participating organizations can raise funds for their activities while promoting the use of high-quality, protective products for outdoor adventures.

Program Details:

  1. Product Selection: Schools and teams will have the opportunity to sell a variety of BANZ® outdoor essentials available on This includes umbrellas for shelter, picnic gear for outdoor gatherings, hearing protection for noise-sensitive activities, and sun protection items for UV safety.
  2. Coupon Code: Each participating school or team will be provided with a unique coupon code. Supporters can use this code during checkout on the BANZ® website to ensure that their purchase contributes to the fundraising effort.
  3. Marketing Support: BANZ® will provide marketing materials such as posters, flyers, and social media graphics featuring the coupon code. These materials will help schools and teams promote their fundraising efforts within their communities.
  4. Online Ordering: Supporters can conveniently place orders online through the BANZ® website. During checkout, they can enter the unique coupon code provided by the participating school or team to ensure that their purchase contributes to the fundraising campaign.
  5. Profit Sharing: Participating schools and teams will receive 20% of the proceeds (not including shipping) from every sale made using their unique coupon code. This revenue can be used to support various initiatives such as sports equipment, field trips, or classroom supplies.
  6. Transparent Tracking: BANZ® will provide real-time tracking of sales and profits generated using each unique coupon code. This transparency ensures that schools and teams can monitor their progress and celebrate their achievements.
  7. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: BANZ® stands behind the quality of its products. Customers can enjoy a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that they are fully satisfied with their purchases.


  • Comprehensive Fundraising: Schools and teams can raise funds effortlessly by promoting a range of outdoor essentials from BANZ®, catering to various needs such as shelter, shade, hearing protection, and sun protection.
  • Community Engagement: This program encourages community involvement and support for local schools and teams.
  • Promotion of Safety: By offering hearing protection and sun protection items, the program prioritizes safety during outdoor activities.
  • Customizable Campaigns: Schools and teams have the flexibility to tailor their fundraising campaigns to align with their specific goals and needs.

How to Get Started:

  1. Visit and browse the selection of outdoor essentials.
  2. Contact BANZ® using the form below to register your school or team for the "Shelter, Shade & Safety" fundraising program and receive your unique coupon code.
  3. Distribute the coupon code to your supporters and encourage them to use it during checkout on the BANZ® website.
  4. Track your progress, receive profits, and make a positive impact on your organization's activities.

Join "Shelter, Shade & Safety" today and embark on a fundraising journey that not only benefits your school or team but also promotes safety, sustainability, and community engagement!