Baby Sunglasses - Bubzee Polarized Wrap Around

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 Banzee and Bubzee use BANZ baby sunglasses and kids sunglasses to protect from the sun


Banzee says, "Style, protection and a comfortable fit? BANZ® baby sunglasses are perfect for my lil Bubzee!"

That's right, Banzee! Light and durable, bright and , fitted yet flexible, BANZ® Original See No Glare baby sunglasses provide all the loving protection that your children need against UVA and UVB radiation in the harshest of environments.

BANZ® polarized Bubzee baby sunglasses were originally designed in Australia for one of the world's toughest UV environments. Clinically tested by one of the world's leading authorities on sunglasses, BANZ® have passed the most stringent standards on sunglasses in the world.



  • Polarized baby sunglasses with Category 3 lenses offer high sunglare reduction and 100% UV protection
  • Durable polycarbonate Ophthalmic quality polarized baby sunglasses
  • Capable of being replaced with prescription lenses
  • Neoprene elastic strap matches chosen color of polarized baby sunglasses and allows for flexibility, breath-ability, and comfort
  • Side adjustable Velcro allows for years of wear as the child grows
  • Frame is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate
  • Sporty, sleek design
  • Comes with cleaning cloth
  • Embedded rubber nose and brow piece for added comfort




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