We're HEAR for it: Apple Launches Hearing Protection App

We're HEAR for it: Apple Launches Hearing Protection App

Wearable tech to prevent hearing loss? Look no further than a device you may already own.

Ever wonder "How loud is too loud?" You're not alone. As the conversation around Hearing Health has gotten louder, companies are listening and finding ways to help!

Apple Watch Hearing Health AppApple just announced that the new watchOS 6 for Apple Watch will include an at-a-glance decibel (dB) meter. Apple Watch users will now be able to know exactly what's going on in their environment so they can take steps to protect themselves.

"The new Noise app senses when the roar of the crowd or the rumble of machinery reaches a level that may pose a risk. So you can step out or plug up to give your ears a needed break."- Apple.com

Apple Watch Hearing Health Noise App warns you when the noise level is too high and damagingBanzee and Bubzee use BANZ hearing Protection to avoid hearing damage

If you've ever been at a concert, theater or sporting event and wondered, "is it too loud in here?"  Apple Watch will let you know - and notify you with a tap on the wrist that you've crossed into the danger zone. 


At BANZ® we see this as a huge step forward in helping educate parents, and children, about the everyday dangers of noise. It will work wonders helping parents remember when they, too, need to protect their hearing, but also act as a reminder that the noise they feel is "comfortable" may actually be harmful, hopefully prompting them to reach for their child's BANZ® hearing protection, preventing noise-induced hearing loss. For children and teens, this will assist in reinforcing healthy habits, and give parents a convenient "I told you so" backup when convincing picky tweens and teens to wear their earmuffs.

Another reason to keep a pair of BANZ® Hearing Protection in the diaper bag, car or backpack, as you never know when you'll need them!

Learn more about the Apple update here

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