BANZ® + BabyList: Registry Magic

BANZ® + BabyList: Registry Magic

Great news! We recently partnered with Babylist to offer a quick, easy and convenient baby registry experience! Long gone are the days when you have wishlists from 27 different retailers - this brilliant crew of ladies has taken the baby registry to the next level!

So what is Babylist? 

Babylist is a universal baby registry, meaning you can add ANY item from ANY store across the web. 


Know what else is cool? In lieu of baby gear, you can also ask for help and favors (think home-cooked meals & walking your dog) as well as cash funds (think date-night babysitters & college).

Plus, they have an app that makes it a breeze to add baby products on the run!

Wanna Get Started With Your Babylist Registry?

In a few short steps, you're on your way to getting what you want and need when your little one arrives! Plus, it's really easy. Seriously.

Just follow the three simple steps below to get started.

Step 1

Click the “Create My Registry” button below and BANZ will connect you to the baby registry sign up page, where you can start building your baby registry.

Create your Banz baby registry with BabyList

Step 2

Once you’ve created your baby registry, you’ll be asked to drag the “Add BabyList Bookmark” button to your browser’s bookmark bar. Now your favourite BANZ® products are just a click away!


Add baby registry bookmark 

Step 3

Visit BANZ® and choose a baby product to add to your baby registry by visiting the product page. Click on the BabyList button you added to your bookmark bar and a popup box will let you add it to your baby registry! Now your family and friends will be able to click on that baby product in your baby registry and buy it straight from BANZ.

Add Banz to your baby registry on BabyList with one click!
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