15th Anniversary Adventure BanZ Collections Now Here!

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15th Anniversary Adventure BanZ Collections Now Here!

BanZ is excited to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the iconic wrap-around infant sunglasses first invented by BanZ in 2001, Adventure BanZ.

To celebrate, we have created special edition fashion collection sets of our most popular colors and prints at a special price! Each collection features several frames to allow even the most fashion forward child to coordinate every outfit or for the child on the go to have a pair stashed almost anywhere they need (think diaper bag, car, daycare, grandma's house) so BanZ are always on hand to keep them protected.

These sets are available online only and come in a reusable BanZ (TSA compliant) logo zipper bag, perfect for gifting! Stock up for baby showers, birthdays and holidays while they last!

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